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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

What is IPC?

IPC stands for International Primary Curriculum. It is topic based work which covers work in a range of curriculum areas including History, Geography, Science, Art, Music, PE, ICT and RE, Society and International understanding (but not all in the same topic!).

This term year 6 are working on the topic Mission to Mars and Beyond. The topic covers Science, PE, DT, ICT, Society and International understanding. The children are learning about Mars and the solar system and thinking about what it would take to set up a new society on Mars - as well as why that might be necessary. They are also thinking about the conditions that plants need to grow well and the properties of materials that might be useful for building on Mars. They have used ICT to help with research and also to take temperature readings in experiments.

This half term they will be designing and building model Mars base stations taking everything they have learnt in mind.

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